You did a lot of work with Graham Norton. What is your connection to him?

Graham gave me my first break. We’d met on the comedy circuit and when he got his Channel 4 show he asked me in to do the studio warm-up.

During the first season they had trouble finding writers that suited Graham, I’d never written for anyone other than myself but they gave me a trial run as a writer. It just clicked and I wrote jokes for him for the next 7 years!

Graham was brilliant to work with (we liked the same things, boys and gossip) and brilliant to write for. I couldn’t believe I got paid to laugh all day, I think the only time we really concentrated was when were deciding what to order for lunch.

Grahams production company, So Television, made the first three series of my Radio4 show, “It’s That Jo Caulfield Again”.

And last year we made a pilot together, My Lovely Audience, for BBC.

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