Who are your influences?

The first comic who really made an impression on me was Dave Allen. My parents are Irish so watching The Dave Allen Show every week became something of a family custom. There was something about the way he would sit there with his drink and tell jokes in that great conversational style that just connected with me.

Billy Connolly has influenced everyone. He’s the ultimate storyteller. He has that incredible warmth and the ability to make you really feel like he’s your mate. I’m a huge fan of Joan Rivers. Her “Can We Talk?” album is a master-class in celebrity bitchiness.

I always liked American sitcoms that starred *strong*, funny women. Shows like “Roseanne”, “Rhoda”, and much later, “The New Adventures Of Old Christine”.

Eddie Izzard was another comedian where it just clicked. He wasn’t telling ‘joke’ jokes, he was just being himself and saying funny things about his life. That was a big eye-opener.

I’m still a massive Stand-Up comedy fan. There’s 100’s of comedians I enjoy for different reasons. Take your pick: Jack Dee, Wanda Sykes, Jack Dee, Ed Byrne, Chris Rock, Todd Barry, far too many to list.

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