What is your comedy about?

I’ve always loved Jack Dee’s ability to take everyday topics like his family or rail travel or the supermarket and make the audience laugh when they realise we all share exactly the same stupid experiences.

And if something, or someone, has pissed me off during the day – I’ll try and get that off my chest.

One review called me a “celebration of anger”. I liked that.

Other people have described my show as:

“Many of the points Jo Caulfield makes about the human condition would have sociologists stroking their beards in admiration, but her audiences tend to be laughing too much to notice. Like a sociology textbook, but with jokes” – The Times.

“Feisty but friendly, Caulfield takes no prisoners on her ruthless comedy rampage. Striding through all manner of topics, from Jorvick Fudge to council estates, and from middle class parents and their children to house parties, Caulfield destroys all in her path. Despite this clearly evident bitter streak, her comedy is familiar and comforting. Hearing Caulfield, one feels good about themselves and their life, able to see it from a somewhat funny, always irreverent, perspective” – BBC.CO.UK.

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