Jo Live in : SGFRINGE


    Jo Caulfield is a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe and now a local to a neighbourhood in the City so it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about the comedy festival, this year’s show is called “Killing Time”.

    Jo focuses on drawing from her own experiences and anything that irritates her as well as poking fun at the audience, watch out silver fox gentlemen! She engages perfectly with the audience with her warm personality and relatability creating the perfect connection for encouraging interaction.

    With an easy to listen to voice, this is a show I could see again and again. With Jo’s quick-witted responses to audience participation, she was always on point and never went off track, she has the expertise to always adapt to her audience.

    Brilliantly hilarious and witty, or in the words of my companion “that was Funny as Fuck” we could not stop crying with laughter as Jo shared stories of holidays, hobbies, relationships and people she has met along the way.

    The show is entertaining with a relaxed vibe but still had a little element of shock and Jo genuinely looks like she is having a great time along the audience.

    The room was filled with laughter with a mix of adults of different ages. If you appreciate dry wit and sarcasm then you will most definitely appreciate “Killing Time”.

    If you want to laugh pretty much non-stop for an hour and want a local comedian then do not miss this show.