Jo Live in : ONE4REVIEW


    Not every Fringe show title is accurate. Some are darmed confusing. But this is one that hits the nail on the head.

    Jo Caulfield has been gracing the Fringe for a long time and boy does she know how to do it. All the ingredients are there, superb comedy writing, flawless presentation, stage presence by the bucket load and a confidence in what she is delivering each year.

    There is no pretence of a message in the hour, it is just a quality comic telling the sold-out crowd about events and characters in the last twelve months.

    As usual her husband seems to provide a bottomless source of things for her material, be it magazine articles, Ancestry DNA, role play in relationship, an insight to the different sexes on a night out to name a few. There was also a recent holiday to Malaga, an Irish pub with casual racism and dating profiles and newspaper lonely hearts. All subjects that had the audience in stitches throughout.

    Jo is also adept with her crowd work, both in gathering info and also dealing with those who ‘wanted to join in’.

    There is also a small section where she reads from her book ‘A Funny Thing About Death’ a story of her life with her recently deceased sister Annie, that is both touching yet funny at the same time. Profits from the sale of this are being donated to MacMillan Cancer Charity.

    Ms Caulfield’s shows are always very popular and this is no exception. Be quick to see a top comedian at her very best.