A comedy stalwart of the Fringe, Caulfield has been treading the stand-up scene here since 2001 and kept coming back even after that first season when she saw a guy urinating on her pristine fringe poster. Indeed she loves Edinburgh so much she moved here, firstly to twee Morningside and latterly Leith, and Edinburgh was her specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind last December. Her new show capitalises on her interaction with the audience and finding out where they are from and what their names are, how long the couples have been together – all the stuff that women love to know.

    When two disparate groups admit they have come from Aberdeen quick as a flash she says: “I bet you all travelled in one car.” Her routines about the differences between men and women are totally on the money, as are her observations about girls’ nights out and just generally about getting older and hating the party scene. She hates it so much that she patiently waits for a signal from her husband to leave, usually when he has insulted everyone in the room. Brilliant. Caulfield admitted to a little nervousness in trying out this new show. That’s gutsy and shows the trooper in her.

    There are great gags about people with allergies and intolerances, and those who need to go to anger management courses, those on diets, how she tried to change her husband so much she even tried to change his name to Julio as it goes better with Jo. A routine about interviewing her husband on their first date is priceless as like many women she has planned out a whole scenario and has a check list – does he have a car, can he drive, does he own a good suit? Can he fill the position? Ha. This show is more raw than last year’s – a few more expletives, a little bit more edgy, more daring, taking more chances with the crowd, and generally going with the flow. Her gags this year also feature stellar improvs of conversations in bars, continental supermarkets – supermarché to you and me – and even exchanges in Tesco in Leith.

    Totally unmissable show – again. Go Jo!