Jo Live in : EDFESTMAG


    Jo Caulfield’s new show Killing Time does what it says on the tin. It’s an hour of odd topics and observations covering everything from tales of Australian travellers to hotel baggage handling and one extremely embarrassing trip to Harrods.

    It’s a casual show, with Caulfield expertly incorporating stories and opinions from the front few rows, poking some fun and having a great time doing it.

    She is also more than happy to poke fun at herself, shamelessly revealing details of her marriage, sex life and narrative porn preferences. Her dry wit and sarcasm are staples of British comedy and she represents a well-known sense of humour.

    There’s a few moments that are likely best suited to an older audience, with several jokes focusing on long-term marriage as well as Caulfield’s observations on bewildering modern trends.

    It isn’t a show that breaks new ground in the comedy game or deviates from the norm, but it’s entertaining, light and is an enjoyable hour. Not so much a show for families, but definitely for couples or groups out on the town.

    If you’re looking for an hour of classic stand-up delivered by an Edinburgh local, Jo Caulfield is the perfect choice.