Jo Live in : GO-LIVE BLOG


    Poor Stuart! Jo Caulfield’s husband is the butt of a good deal of her storytelling. Whatever he may or may not feel about that, audiences love it. Caulfield delivers her trademark acerbic bitchiness, casting her eyes around on the ridiculous things people do. As well as her hapless hubby she takes aim at her women friends, men more generally, and those sad creatures who write to the Metro freebie in the hope that someone they saw on the bus will respond to them.

    There’s also a more personal element to the show. Her sister died of cancer in 2016 and Jo has written a book about her sibling relationship, and dealing with the grief since it came to an untimely end. She gave a short reading from her work, which quickly displayed that her writing retains the sarcasm and sharpness she’s known for in her stage act. And for once this isn’t somebody pushing their work for their own benefit, as proceeds from sales are going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Which sounds like two good reasons to buy it.

    There’s also a bit of audience interaction and Caulfield is not one to try and be smart with! The title of the show reflects her own ability to come up with one liners swiftly, and put downs if required.

    Sharp, emotional, very funny and highly recommended.