“Absolutely brilliant! By far the funniest show we have seen this year. Never fails to make me laugh.” — John B

    “I really enjoyed Jo’s show…..very sharp indeed and clever bringing in the audience. Will definitely seek her gigs out again, and will read her new book, which resonates with me.” — Wendy R

    “Jo Caulfield is absolutely hilarious. I’ve seen her twice and she just get’s you in to a state of agreement, then BAM, she makes you feel embarrassed because she could be talking about you. If you don’t see her, you’re missing the best Comedian out there.” — Phil D

    “I don’t think I stopped laughing or smiling at all throughout Jo’s entire show. She was fast paced and engaging, with such a sharp whit – we really enjoyed how effectively she handles the crowd, including the odd heckler, without skipping a beat. I’d consider this a must-see show!” — Hilary M

    “Jo Caulfield was excellent tonight! Endlessly sharp with consistently relatable jokes and chat. Thoroughly recommended!!” — Angus D

    “Terrific show, totally on point, brilliant humour based on keen wit and oh-so-true observations of ‘real life’. Jo kept us all in stitches without any need for the tiresome torrent of profanity that populates so many other shows. If you have not seen Jo Caulfield’s show yet please do yourself a favour and go. A highlight of the fringe!” — Vicki M