GoodReads review (31 Oct 2023)

The Funny Thing About Death is comedian Jo Caulfield’s memoir about her sister Annie – a successful writer who died far too young in 2016 aged just 57.

Jo charts the progress of her sister’s cancer from the initial diagnosis to her untimely death. By delving into their shared past she gives us an honest and unflinching portrait of her older sister, strong-headed, funny, vibrant, inventive, vulnerable and acerbic. When Annie does the unthinkable and dies, leaving Jo behind, the depth of her grief shines a light on the genuine and joyful relationship they shared. Their mutual love of the absurd and the irreverent stories they concoct together is a delight to read.

Annie gets her say too, as short excerpts of her writing are included within this book. It’s a great way to get to know her, and whets your appetite to discover more of her work.

Jo Caulfield is well known as a clever, sharp and witty comedian. But now she is an author too. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if Annie might be slightly put out (if also proud) by how good a job she has made of this personal and tragic story. I’m certainly hoping that this isn’t her last book.

Book cover featuring a photo of Jo and her sister as children with the text 'The Funny Thing About Death'.

The Funny Thing About Death